Know-How: Cheapest Way to Remove Warts

Before I’m going to share with you my secret, i had warts before in the middle of left palm. I tried many ways to remove it since i felt like it’s very expensive via surgery.

I tried burning it. I tried cutting it with nail cutter. I bought salicylic acid as the best suggestion to burn it however, it takes time. Also, i have 3 warts already on my left hand. It’s appearing like a mushroom and i felt very uncomfortable already.


Then a neighbor of mine who had a daughter that has a wart in her forehead told me that she didn’t spend much to remove it.

The secret? Is detergent soap.

Here are the easy steps:
1. Clean your warts. Remove the dead skin on top of it.
2. Put some water to the detergent then rub the wet part of the detergent even just an ample part until a fine paste form.
3. Put the detergent paste on top of your warts and leave it dry.
4. Avoid washing it. Let the skin absord the detergent paste.
5. Apply it again whenever the paste worn off.

Try this now!

Very fast and effective.