I made a little survey to find out where most of these people find their long distance partners.

I joined a group on Facebook named LDRmindset group.

Check out for their answers!

Date in Asia9
Asian Dating2
FilipinoCupid 5
Mingle 21
Truly Asian1
Meet Me3
HK cupid1
Christian dating1
Social Media19
Others ( During travel, at the bar, friends etc) 7

So here’s my initial findings, most people found their partner in social media, commonly Facebook app. Some in pages, groups, instagram messenger, etc. It is understandable because social media is very accessible, free of charge and easy to use.

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Where To Find The Right One Online!

“It’s so easy to fall in love but hard to find someone who will catch you.”

I sometimes wonder how singles ever manage to date someone from afar or how couples survive long distance relationship before the popularity of online dating sites, apps, social media or even before email.


I know, most of us are thankful for the technology we have today. It made our life easier to communicate with our loved ones accross continents in ways that would have been unthinkable even just a decade ago. Most people nowadays are thankful to meet their significant others online!

This topic inspires me to share my opinion from my personal experiences due to many friends who are interested in knowing where Shaun and I met. I can totally relate since I’ve been in their position before.


Most dating sites and apps works the same. I even recognized some familiar faces. May be they are having a hard time as well searching for the right one.
But seriously, I’ve been a member of various sites for the reason, I haven’t found a good one to search for. May be if only use correctly, it would have been easy to all of us.

Facebook – this is the popular one to search for. You can find pages or groups then start talking to someone. Two things I hated with this app, first, perverts are everywhere and next, lots of cheaters. Because you can message anyone. Seriously, as in seriously same goes to other apps. This is cheap almost costless, accessible but not much reliable for me. Well, others are lucky to find true love here. I even met my first online boyfriend from this app. He’s from London. And because this is facebook, he doesn’t trust me and find someone else. Not my loss actually.

Facebook to fakebook to fakelove. Same goes to other apps. You can download the dating app and register as a free member. But, enable to chat others, you need to pay or deal with many advertisements.


In my opinion, dating websites is still the best one to find love. Why? Because someone is willing to pay in order to search for love. It symbolizes how true he really is in finding the right one. If a member found his/her partner, he/she can cancel the subscription anytime or even deactivated the account.

My Boyfriend is a member of filipinocupid site that’s why I can message him. In hundreds of girls chatting him, he chose me. So I’m very lucky. 🙂

Though, each of us can find love in unexpected way or place. Sometimes, we just go with the flow of life and let this takes you anywhere.


Don’t waste your time, effort and money. Think of a good place where you can find the love of your life. The crucial part to remember is be smart in dating someone online you won’t easily be fooled if you are wise. Whether it’s the site, app or social media media. You can talk with anyone freely but don’t easily give your trust.

The choice is yours.

Avoid These Five Types of People on Online Dating Sites

STOP CHATTING if you notice some signals. Not only you save your time and effort, but also to save yourself from getting hurt.

I have been in online dating for almost 6 years now and I experienced a lot before I found my boyfriend. So I want to personally share these tips for aspiring singles who dare to seek love online.

These LDR tips I am going to share are based from my personal experiences. 


1. Beware of FAKE PROFILES. Admit it. Good pictures usually caught our attention first before we check through the details. Even the if the pictures are not good enough but a good background attracts us. They use fake identities which I completely understand why – for good and bad purposes.

We know that being pretty or handsome still top of our list so people will try everything to make themselves look better. And I am not exempted to this because I love filter apps but not to the extent it will totally change my appearance.


I really hate poser account. A guy from UK chatted me in facebook before. He is handsome alright. I never demanded a video call because my phone was not advance. So I am contented with sharing photos and chatting with him. In our 3 mos of dating, he confessed. He said it was not him. So I felt very nervous that time. But when he sent me his real pictures with sign in it. I like him even more. Because the real him is more handsome. He is not confident enough. I can not understand how guys look themselves in the mirror. Anyway, it is still bad to use other people’s images.


This one is the weirdest among fake profiles. Chatting to a guy without knowing it’s a girl and vice versa. Really creepy. For example scenario, try watching Tulfo in Action on YouTube.

2. NO VIDEO CALL. Thanks for cheap phones that we all can afford to communicate easily. So I can see no reason to be fooled by these catfishes. Still, there are some who are victimized. Because fake people tend to be good at chatting and great for making alibis not to video call. Super signal.



The type we all are familiar with. Whether it is a guy or a girl. It is the same. Asking for money to random people who you do not know or to someone you chatted as your victim is a signal. Please ununderstand that these people work hard for their money too. Search for it and you will read lots of scam stories. The most common alibi they use is a sick family member.



Okay let’s not be hypocrites here. Some of us are willing to share our sexy photos to our online dates including me but if they tend to ask beyond of what you can share like asking for nudes then block that person right away. Some guys randomly asks for naked pictures after few talks. So annoying.



This one is the hardest to determine especially in chatting. I even chatted someone who calls me a psycho. What?! Just because I am arguing with him does not define me for being one. This signal pertains to rapists,killers,ill people so be careful. I can not personally say how but I read and watch news a lot. My only experience of talking to a psycho is that I chatted this guy before then it was like talking to different person. His mood swing is very extreme. We argued a lot in chat so I stop.

That’s all. Share some opinion in the comments below!

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How To Create An Outstanding Online Dating Profile

“It takes time to get to know someone. But when you do, it’s so f* worth it!”

Creating a dating profile is very easy. But making it stand out is difficult.

Yes, because I’ve been there. I joined many dating sites or dating apps and they are almost the same when making your dating profile. Eventually, i learned it myself how to make it effective.

Fortunately, I have some tips to help you create an exceptional profile that will make you stand out from other singles on the site.

1. Photos
Chosing the right photos is the first step. Usually, some dating sites allows us to put maximum of 5 photos. What i did is i put five different photos of myself. A photo in my corporate attire, casual, bikini on the beach, with friends and dress. For me, posting different photos of myself showcasing what i look like in different aspects. It sometimes reveals about who we are. So we have to be careful what photos we show as it will create a positive or negative approach from our prospect dates. - the best interracial dating App! – the best interracial dating App!

2. Hobbies
Before i message someone, i take time to read his profile. Because it gives me idea how to communicate with him.
People want to see how they can interact with you. So take time to write the things about you including the activities you do.

3. Preferences
Some dating sites are paid but free to register. The reason we pay or register is because we want to find our partner. We do not want our time, money and effort go to waste. So indicate the type of person you want to date. It is not a crime to be selective. Online dating helps us to find that ideal person we want to be as partner. Like, single, never married, no kids, don’t smoke, etc,etc.

4. Description
This is only limited and some people do not actually read long paragraphs. That means you need a couple sentences why you’re a good catch. As for me, i am naturally a funny person and hate dull moments so i tell a joke and state an embarrassing moment of myself. A partner with good sense of humor is vital in relationships. Don’t force but be natural. It only takes one to make a great relationship. - the best interracial dating App! – the best interracial dating App

5. Honesty
Don’t be ashamed to show your flaws. Because no matter how pretty pictures you put into your profile, it is not enough to find the right one. These include the age, name, location, apppearances or about yourself. You don’t have to put everything but enough to let them think you are genuine.

Remember, dating profile is only the first step in finding the right date. But it means nothing if you can’t communicate well with someone. Communication is like the fuel in online dating, without it, it’ll stop moving. - the best interracial dating site! – the best interracial dating site!