OPINION 1: We Should Be Thankful To Our Partners

I know this is random and I apologize if I step some toes for this. Triggered by the story of a sacmmer.

We, Filipinas are lucky enough to find our foreign partners. We should be grateful for the love and care we receive we think we deserve.


But is it too much too appreciate what our foreign partners can give? Can we at least give them thanks,love and care in return?
Some of Filipinas only care about money, that’s a fact. Don’t be hypocrite about it. But do you have any idea how they work hard for it? Their situation? And how hard they save just to see us. My boyfriend is not rich but he saves to see me that’s why I’m patiently waiting.

We should understand where they come from. They don’t ask anything except LOVE.

Please don’t disregard what you have now because the one you replace, may not be the person you think he is.

Bad karma is around the corner. Please be reminded that if you let go on someone, someone is ready to catch that person and keep him.

Appreciate your partner.
Money can’t buy happiness and love. Only material things and temporary enjoyment.