OPINION 3: Don’t Randomly Ask Money From Your Partner

Now here’s the thing, a lot of foreigners now are complaining to Mr. Tulfo Show to report of their Filipina partners scamming them. Because of that, it draws attention of many people and truth is, it’s very degrading. Though i cannot blame them for doing that.


However, this also drives the question, kung kayo pa di babawiin pero kung hiwalay na bawian? Where in the first place, some of the “things” are willingly given.

My opinion, no matter, how rich your partner is, those money doesn’t came from nowhere. It’s sweat, blood and tears. Therefore, i don’t f*ck*ng believe they willingly gave it without a person asking for it no matter how indirectly tell the person that they want something.


If that’s the case, it only compulsory to return the “things” they ask.

To be honest, shaun gave me things willingly but when i also told him about my problem here, help me,monetarily. I’m not being hypocrite here but if he wants it back, I’ll return it.

After all, IT’S NOT MY MONEY.

Have some SHAME, gurl. ❤️