“Doing what you love is freedom, liking what you do is happiness!”

Hi and welcome to my site!

My name is Angel. 
I love watching or reading supernatural romance stories, mostly, animes and American shows. I love travelling and it's my dream to explore the world. I have also a slight passion for photography and videography. I may not look like one but i read. I rely on google so much when i want to know something. It helps me learn new things like blogging.

This personal blog is about sharing my personal stories/experiences. 

I am currently working in a bank. But i want to influence others with my life experiences. I believe, we all have a life story worth telling. Because our stories are unique, genuine, and real.
This belief drives my passion to influence others in any way possible.

(If you're having sore eyes due to my grammar, feel free to send me your drafts!)

And, I, thank you! 

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