My Craziest Online Dating Experience

“Good advice comes from bad experiences.”

I totally agree 101%.
I remember after my first online dating experience, i kinda feel addicted chatting to guys online. For me, it is the most convenient and easiest way to find a friend or a boyfriend.


It was through Facebook that i had this very bad experiences in online dating. That time, there were many Facebook groups appearing on my suggestion list. Mostly, dating grouped from all over the world.

I met Steve Hunt from UK dating group in Facebook. He is very handsome in the photos. Remember that my phone is not advance and i can not video call. So we only chatted everyday until he became my boyfriend online.

Here are my stupid indicators before to determine how legit my chatmate was:


– check if the Facebook account is old or new (if new, he’s probably a poser)
– check the number of photos uploaded as well as the date it was uploaded
– check if the people on his list, if mostly girls or if he has friends or family

I never insisted on video calling him because hd was very nice to me and he never asked me also. So i thought, he is genuine and really serious with me.

But, when he uploaded a photo, a girl called him babe and that girl told me he was his girlfriend. Not just one, but many girls. I was furious because for how many months, i never suspected him. I always trust him.

It’s not the only thing i found out, i also discovered all the photos were fake! For how many years he was using someone else’s face to lure girls.


Lastly, this grosses me much. When i busted him for lying, he admitted he’s an old, divorce man with kids! Thinking of our sweet messages and the photos made me sick very much! I even made lots lf enemies online because of him! Of course, I’m not too despicable not to let the girls know. Whether they believe me or not. I just did my part as a woman.

Sorry for my reaction when i learned who he really was because i am too young to date an old man!

I got fooled many times and i swore that time, I’ll never get catfished again by these guys. So i set a new rules for myself before dating someone.


At the end of the day, i can only smile and raise my head because i did my best and I’m always honest with my date.

Remember this qoute:

Realize that life isn’t always fair. Accept what you must, and change what you can.

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